Hridayananda Choudhury Library

Baosi Banikanta Kakati College, Nagaon, Barpeta

Opening Hours: 9:15 AM to 4:00PM

About The Library

The College has a sophisticated library and Information Centre comprising an area of 2795 square feet accommodating a seating capacity of more than 60. In the entrance there is a beautifully designed circulation desk with trained staff offering assistance to the user in accessing the library. The reading rooms of the library is fully airconditioned to provide the user with comfortable reading experience.
The library is automated using KOHA ILM Software. All the Circulation, Fine Management are operated through the ILMS. To record the daily footfall statistics a dedicated Library Attendance System with barcode reader is installed near the entrance. The library has its dedicated OPAC Kisok to search the bibliography, availability and location of the desired physical resources of the library. The library also has its own Institutional Repository (Digital Library) where there are various collections of Old and Rare Manuscripts, Questions Papers, College Publications etc. in digital format. The library subscribes to the N-List Programme offered by INFLIBNET & also an active member of NDL (National Digital Library). The library has its dedicated webpages on the college website to provide news, information related to the library and link to various e-resources that are subscribed and developed by the college. To access the digital resources of the library there is a specially designed Digital Reading Room with 4 PCs and free internet facilities.
From the day of its establishment till date, the library has acquired more than 23000 physical books & reference materials. Currently the library subscribes to three regional newspapers in physical format and two national newspapers in online mode. The library also subscribes to 8 magazines & a peer reviewed journal in physical format. To read and access these physical periodicals there is dedicated periodical section with proper sitting arrangements.
The library also preserves some valuable old and rare manuscripts collected from the localities